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Time-Delay System Toolbox

Beta version

For use with MATLAB 4

User's Guide

Institute of Mathematics & Mechanics Engineering Research Center for
Russian Academy of Sciences Advanced Control and Instrumentation
(Ural Branch) Seoul National University
Ekaterinburg, Russia Seoul, Korea
Arkadii Kim Wook Hyun Kwon
Vladimir Pimenov Soo Hee Han
Andrew Lozhnikov Jin Won Kang
Olga Onegova  

The project is supported by Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies and Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Grant N 98-01-00363).

Time-Delay System Toolbox
January 2000

Institute of Mathematics & Mechanics
Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch)
16, Kovalevskoj Str.
Ekaterinburg, 620219, Russia
Fax: +7-3432-742581

Engineering Research Center for
Advanced Control and Instrumentation
Seoul National University
Seoul, 151-742, Korea
Fax: +82-2-871-7010

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