Literat package v0.2

May 20, 1999

This is an experimental version of virtual fonts for PDF(La)TeX or dvips which are based on free family of type1 fonts by ParaGraph International, named Literaturnaya. The type1 fonts are available at

The virtual fonts are available at*.tar.gz

These fonts are available in T2A, OT1, T1 and TS1 encodings.

We included two map files ( and PLEASE USE ONE OF THEM, NOT BOTH. :-) contains references to PFB fonts with K.Berry names (so you'll need to rename pfb files; this is done by the script), while contains references to the original filenames of PFB fonts.

The simple installation script as well as examples of usage are included into this bundle.

Happy TeXing!

Please mail bug reports, your comments and proposals to:

Vladimir Volovich <> Anatoliy A. Malyarenko <>

Changes from version 0.1 of April 15, 1999:

* added virtual fonts for OT1, T1, TS1 encodings (in addition to T2A)

* added font shapes: now 12 for each of T2A, OT1, T1, and 8 for TS1 (against 6 in the previous version)

* virtual fonts `optimized' because regenerated with current version of fontinst (e.g. removed duplicated kerns)

* fixed incorrect name for one font

* renamed raw fonts from `original' names (matching original pfb files) to r<berry-name>.tfm, thus removing underscores in filenames (MikTeX's ps2pk had problems with this?).


* add some more font shapes? underlined, overstroke, and spaced come to mind...

* add some more faked glyphs

* write support in literat.sty for new versions of pdftex which do not accept extended fonts in map files (in case of adding faked glyphs which will require such fonts)